Vilja Linnea’s Sarcomafund

The name of the fund is Vilja Linnea’s Sarcomafund (Vilja Linnean Sarkoomarahasto in Finnish and Vilja Linneas Sarkomafond in Swedish). The fund can also be referred to as Sarcomafund.

The Sarcomafund operates under the Finnish Medical Foundation.

The Sarcomafund was founded 27.4.2023.

The purpose of the Sarcomafund

The purpose of Vilja Linnea’s Sarcomafund is:

  1. to increase awareness of sarcoma cancers,
  2. to support national and international collaboration and networking regarding sarcoma cancers
  3. to support research, education, and development of treatments in sarcoma cancers.

The assets of the Sarcomafund must be used for the above listed purposes. To enable this, the Sarcomafund will actively raise funds.

To fulfill its purpose, the Sarcomafund can:

  1. organize seminars and training events, participate actively in events organized by other operators in the field as well as share and publish knowledge regarding sarcomas,
  2. support collaborations and networking across operators in the field and,
  3. provide grants and travel grants.

The grant applications for the Sarcomafund go through the Finnish Medical Foundation evaluation process. The board of the Finnish Medical Foundation will make the final decision after input from the Sarcomafund

Leading the Sarcomafund

The Sarcomafund steering group represents the fund and handles its daily operations. The steering group has quorum, when the chairman or vice chairman and at least two other members are present.

A representative of the Finnish Medical Foundation has the right to be present and the right to speak during the steering group meetings.

The Sarcomafund steering group will produce an action plan and subsequent budget each year, which the Finnish Medical Foundation’s board discusses and ratifies in their meeting.

The daily tasks of the Sarcomafund are handled by the funds chargé d’affaires, based on the decisions and guidance of the steering group.

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The financial management and investment activities of the Sarcomafund are managed by the Finnish Medical Foundation. The assets of the Sarcomafund are invested as part of the Finnish Medical Foundation’s investment assets according to their existing investment plan. The Finnish Medical Foundation has added the Sarcomafund under their fundraising license and takes care of all necessary reporting that is done to authorities.