The Scientific group brings solid expertise to the Sarcomafund’s operations

The Sarcomafund became significantly more efficient, when the Scientific group started its operations on October 10, 2023. The task of the Scientific group is to use its medical and especially sarcoma-related expertise to plan and direct the activities of the Sarcomafund towards the most effective targets.

The members of the Scientific group highlighted in their first meeting that the number one priority and most important task of the Sarcomafund is to increase awareness of sarcoma cancers. This way, we can inspire new researchers towards sarcoma research and improve chances to receive funding for sarcoma research. In addition to increasing awareness, the knowledge and contacts of the Scientific group will benefit the Sarcomafund greatly.

The Scientific group will assess all grant applications that the Sarcomafund receives, after the applications have first gone through the Finnish Medical Foundations evaluation process. The members of the group will also partake in the writing process for sarcoma related articles and other publications.

Many of the members of the Scientific group currently have a background in pathology. In the future we hope that the group will also gain members who work in areas of oncology, radiology, and surgery. The Scientific group appointed Professor Tom Böhling as the chair.

Other members of the group are docent, specialist in pathology Markku Kallajoki, Licentiate of Medicine, consultant surgeon (gastrointestinal & endocrine surgery) Pekka Kejo, Doctor of Medical Science, specialist in pathology Katri Orte and docent, specialist in pathology Reijo Sironen. After the first meeting, docent, PhD Outi Monni has joined the group. Mirja Alve, chargé d’affaires of the Sarcomafund, will act as the group’s secretary.

More information about the Scientific group can be requested from:

Professor Tom Böhling

Sarcomafunds chargé d’affaires Mirja Alve